Logic Of Logistics: Theory, Algorithms, And Applications For Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 2nd Edition

(Springer Series in Operations Research, 2004)

Authors: David Simchi-Levi (MIT), with Xin Chen and J. Bramel
Hardcover: 300 pages
Publisher: Springer-Verlag; (October 31, 2004)
ISBN: 0387221999

The book, written for professionals and researchers interested in the science and practice of supply chain management, presents a survey of the modern theory and applications of supply chain management. This includes classical topics such as inventory theory, supply chain design and planning, vehicle routing, and advanced planning systems, as well as new topics such as risk management, procurement, supply contracts and the integration of inventory and pricing strategies. This new addition is the only book that combines theory, algorithms and best practice in logistics and supply chain management.

The result is a timely and authoritative survey of the field that many practitioners and researchers will find to be an invaluable companion to their work.