Operations Rules

Delivering Customer Value through Flexible Operations

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Engineers create SpaceNet--the supply chain

Network of nodes could ensure delivery to Mars and beyond.

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MIT engineers say: Flu vaccine shortages can be avoided

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Interplanetary Logistics: Enabling New Frontiers

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David Simchi-Levi Videocast Series with SupplyChain Digest

Part 3: Mitigating Supply Chain Risk from the Known-Unknown to the Unknown-Known

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Supply Chain News: Dell Exec Annette Clayton, MIT's David Simchi-Levi Answer Questions on Dell's Supply Chain Transformation

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Research Interests

Supply Chain Innovation

Development and implementation of robust and efficient techniques for manufacturing and logistics systems. In particular, areas such as supply chain, network design, inventory models, pricing and procurement strategies, as well as production scheduling. I am also interested in the implementation of advanced algorithms in Decision Support Systems to improve supply chain performance. Finally, I have been involved in developing innovative teaching tools. For an example, please check our Web Based Beer Game and the MIT Procurement Portal Game

Affiliations and Responsibilities

Service to the community

Supply Chain Practice

From theory to implementation